Every product has been pushed to the limits using and abusing it daily. Quality checks ensure each and every piece of gear meets our higher standard, ready to perform when you need it most. Never satisfied, we’re already looking further ahead. If you need further information please come and see us at our shop in Milano, send us a message or call us at +39 335 286606.

Sea kayaks

A selection of kayaks we use and abuse since 2009 and therefore really know very well and like to recommend!


What we consider the finest wooden and carbon paddles on the market today and have been intensively using, day after day, for over 7 years now.


Personal Floatation Devices. All models are ISO approved: from the fully accessorized pro model to the rugged and reliable school model.

Technical clothing

Base layer, dry cag, full dry suit, neoprene long john…

Equipment and safety gear

Safety gear, emergency hatch covers, spraydecks, map cases, helmets, navigation instruments, bilge pumps, fog horn, contact tow, throw tow, etc.


Custom outfit to improve your rescues, to upgrade your cockpit insulation, to make your tows faster and less painful, to stow extra equipment in your cockpit…