This course is designed to expand your knowledge and experience as a competent kayaker. Bracing and rolling effectively, self and assisted rescues within obstacles in conditions, leading a group through obstacles, launches and landings in rough sea will all enhance and strengthen your abilities and your confidence at sea.


Learn how to prepare your kayak in more dynamic conditions. We will first practice personal skills, different types of rescues and tows considering wind speed, sea conditions and coastline features. Then we will look at different procedures to perform reliable rescues within a group or self rescues. Safe launching and landing from and to a beach or rocky coastline will be organized depending from the conditions.


Prerequisites are basic rescue skills and to be comfortable paddling in wind speeds up to force 4 Beaufort.


You will be asked to swim frequently amongst rocks so always wear a helmet and a dry suit. The former always, the latter depending on the water temperature.
Contact tow and towing line are welcome. Tuilik srl can provide all needed gear.


2 days


Look at our CALENDAR and check AVAILABILITY!


190,00 euro – 2 day course