This is the 2 day course we recommend if you are a beginner or if you have already spent some time in a sea kayak.

Candidates with the required prerequisites can ask to be assessed before the end of the course according to the Pagaia Azzurra award system at level 1 or level 2 according to the requirements of the EPP (Euro Paddle Pass).

Please apply for assessment at least one week before the start of the course.


Strong foundation will allow you to progress quickly and perform more effective and efficient paddle strokes. As an advanced paddler you will withstand longer navigations and possibly avoid injuries in more demanding environments. This will increase your fun and enjoyment while kayaking. The first day, among other things, we will focus on paddle straight forward and backward, how to keep stability, stop your kayak, perform 360° turns and rescue each other. The second day will be spent exercising your skills, paddling along unspoiled coastline and exploring secret bays to locate the perfect picnic spot.


You need some previous kayaking experience. This course will give you a larger tool box of skills to enhance and strengthen your abilities and confidence as a paddler.


1 pair of wetsuit boots or old trainers
1 lycra shirt
1 pair of sunglasses
1 suntan cream
1 towel
1 packed lunch or snacks
1 flask of hot drink or a 1,5 L bottle of water depending on the season

Provided by Tuilik
1 fully equipped kayak (customized lifelines, fitted compass, spraydeck, paddle, bilge pump, sponge, 1 dry bag)


2 days


Look at our CALENDAR and check AVAILABILITY!


190,00 € – 2 day course

+ extra equipment if you need some
1 paddling jacket – 10,00€ a day
1 neoprene long john or drysuit for cold season – 20,00€ a day