This is a full-immersion 6 day course held at the Centro Velico Caprera in the Archipelago of La Maddalena Marine Reserve and National Park. Topics are: personal skills, safety and rescue abilities, general seamanship, basic navigation & piloting exercises, all finalized on how to prepare for an inshore navigation.


In 6 days we will focus on paddle straight forward, backward and sideways, how to keep stability, stop your kayak, perform 360° turns and rescue each other to keep the group safe for inshore navigation.
Along with that we will deal with stowing criteria, kayaking gear maintenance, navigation & piloting basic techniques, general seamanship, knots and other.
We will stay within the protected waters of Porto Palma (Island of Caprera) for coaching sessions and paddle along the amazing coastline of the Archipelago for short expeditions.


This course is open to everybody. You don’t need previous kayaking experience. However, since we will follow a steep learning process and stay at sea for many hours right from the beginning, some water confidence and kayaking or sailing or rowing experience will help!


1 pair of wetsuit boots, old trainers or kayaking shoes or sandals (no flip-flops);
folding or multitool knife for activity at sea and as a table knife (no Opinel or kitchen knife);
lycra shirt;
paddling jacket;
suntan cream;
sealed box for packed lunch or snacks;
Some dried fruit snacks and some magnesium + potassium + vitamin C integrator bags for hot weather;
flask (1,5 l) for hot drink in poor weather.

Neoprene long john or drysuit are welcome in the unlikely event of cool weather. You can rent them if you need.

Provided by Tuilik
1 fully equipped kayak (customized lifelines, fitted compass, spraydeck, paddle, bilge pump, sponge, 1 dry bag to keep your change dry).


Comfortable thatched roof cottages with 6 bunks each are very close from the shore. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the veranda. A packed lunch wil be provided in case of longer navigation.


XX-XX SEP 2017


780,00 € – 6 day course

Everything is included.
Excluded are drinks, travelling to and from Sardinia and the Island of Caprera.

If you need you can rent the following gear (please specify your size):
paddling jacket 5,00€ a day
neoprene long john or drysuit 10,00€ a day.