• LOA 550 cm BMAX 52 cm DSPL 22 Kg
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  • Comfortable foam seat with inflatable side rests and neoprene padded thigh braces.

  • Brass fitting between laminated ash coaming and neoprene lined aluminium thigh braces.

  • Heavy duty pvc coated 1100 DTEX polyester and 6 mm shock cord system to fix extra gear and split paddle on deck.

  • 550 DTEX polyester double coated plastisol water repellent UV resistant deck skin.

  • Bow and stern have extra 5 layer PVC coated reinforcement strips.

  • FRAME BAG 140x32x21cm SKIN BAG 110x35x15 cm TOTAL WEIGHT 22 Kg

The Narak is a folding greenland-style sea kayak for the travelling kayaker. Thanks to modern technology it has the right shape, stiffness and strength to cope with waves, the heavy duty construction required for landings and 2 easy to handle bags accepted at the check-in in the airport.
The “skin-on-frame” design has a wooden (ash) structure with 3 coats of marine varnish and a high durability PVC coated, inside and outside, polyester 1100 DTEX tailored skin. Bow and stern have an extra 5 layer reinforcement strips. The Narak is very stable on the edge, responsive to edging and therefore great to paddle in conditions. Like traditional kayaks, used for hunting, the Narak has the speed and acceleration to catch waves, a long waterline for effortless average speed and a hard chine hull for carved turns. Standard features include towing deck fitting, bow and stern flotation bags. Options are shock cords on deck, expedition layout with hypalon skin.