The circumnavigation of Sardinia

This is a 30′ HD video with amazing clips from the beautiful Sardinian coastline. Large, small and hidden beaches, many miles of unspoiled rocky shoreline without landing spots and cristal clear water. Guido completd the circumnavigation between May and June 2013. An average of 28 NM per day for a total of 587 NM and 21 days at sea.

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The circumnavigation of Sicily

This is a 14′ presentation about the circumnavigation of Sicily completd by Guido between April and May 2012. An average of 24 NM per day for a total of 600 NM and 25 days at sea.

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VHF/DSC radio communication for kayakers

Saturday the 22nd of February we did run a VHF/DSC radio communication course specifically designed for kayakers during the annual Sottocosta – FICK (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation) meeting for Coaches and Guides. We made it a very practical course with plenty of “real kayaker world” exercises even if there are quite a few theoretical things to learn!

2000 miles around Italy from Trieste to Ventimiglia

A 22′ video about the first single-handed unassisted circumnavigation of the Italian peninsula from Trieste to Ventimiglia completed between April and August 2011. Guido Grugnola covered the 2009 miles over a total of 119 days, including 94 days of paddling at an average mileage of 21 NM/day and 25 days on shore due to bad weather.

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