Learn simple kayak rescue techniques that work in calm water and in more dynamic environment. Different skills that can be used when you need them most before an incident gets out of hand: how to land a group on rocks, rescue a swimmer while keeping your group safe, set a tow, deal with an unable paddler, sea survival, etc. A Safety & Rescue course should be repeated once every year as a refresher: its a serious matter but really fun to exercise. Rock hopping or simply paddling along a rocky coastline won’t be the same for you after taking part of a Safety & Rescue course.


Prerequisites are a solid roll, basic rescue skills and to be comfortable paddling in 1m swell.


You will be asked to swim frequently amongst rocks so always wear a helmet and a dry suit. The former always, the latter depending on the water temperature.
Contact tow and towing line are welcome. Tuilik srl can provide all needed Safety and Rescue gear.


2 days


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