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During day one we will exercise all requested personal paddling skills and rescue techniques. We will also go through some of the many aspects of navigation, seamanship, meteorology you will find in the Pagaia Azzurra sea kayak level 3 description.
Day two is dedicated to assessment where candidates should be able to demonstrate personal skills and appropriate knowledge paddling in wind conditions of no more than Beaufort Force 3 or Sea State 3 as part of a group of peers. If conditions will not be appropriate for assessment on day two then we will further run the training at the required level for a future assessment to be fixed at the nearest and most convenient date.

Provide evidence of personal paddling skills, rescue skills and general knowledge as required at the level of Pagaia Azzurra sea kayak 3 assessment.

A suitable sea kayak with watertight compartments and lifelines that allows candidate to safely and effectively complete the requirements at the level.

2 days: day one training, day two assessment.

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230,00 + 20,00 for Pagaia Azzurra SK3 FICK card and certificate, meeting the requirements of the EPP (Euro Paddle Pass) level 3.