In 2011, Guido Grugnola completed the first single-handed circumnavigation of the Italian peninsula in his kayak, from the Slovenian border (Trieste) to the French border (Ventimiglia). In 2012 and 2013 Guido was at sea circumnavigating Sicily and Sardinia. A total paddling of 3200 miles to present the natural heritage of the Italian coastline, in an attempt to save it from abuse and contamination.

In his blog he published images and video of the lesser known shorelines of the mainland, Sicily and Sardinia, shot on a daily basis in a way they’ve never been seen before with emphasis on the geomorphology, natural heritage and biodiversity, while at the same time focusing on the urbanisation of the Italian coastal areas. Our hope is that long sections of the wonderful shorelines of the country will be saved or restored for future generations.

Trieste to Ventimiglia:
2009 NM – 94 days – average mileage 21.0 NM/day
Circumnavigation of Sicily:
599 NM – 25 days – average mileage 24.0 NM/day
Circumnavigation of Sardinia:
587 NM – 21 days – average mileage 28,0 NM/day