Designed by Jeff Allen the ThrowTow rescue system can be used as a towing line/throw line when performing different rescues, difficult landings, self rescues, drogue, etc. The new MARK II version of the TT rescue system features an extremely strong, lightweight and reliable fluo-yellow open mesh floating bag. The load between the guide/rescuer and rescued paddler/kayak or let’s say between the two carabiners on either end of the 40 feet line goes directly over the internally spliced orange floating line and not anymore on a bulkier and heavier internal and external sewed webbing.  This makes the TT lighter, stronger and more reliable. If by any chance you have to substitute the 40 feet line this can be done just undoing the figure 8 knot inside the bag. In addition to maximum strength, lightweight and naturally draining and drying properties this allows for very reliable safety & rescue tool and drogue performance. It is strongly advised that you attend one of our Safety & Rescue courses to learn how to use the TT rescue system effectively. Comes with a standard 12m floating line but can be set up to 15m. The belt of the TT system is designed so that the anchor point of the bag can swivel around the paddler’s waist onto the bridle of the belt. This allows the tow line to run freely when changing direction and also allows you to carry the bag to the front of you, sitting in the kayak, when you expect to need it in the throw function whilst negotiating rock gardens.


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