The NRS Basic Safety Kit gives you four items for your safety at sea: paddle float, bilge pump, whistle and sponge.
The NRS Paddle Float is the best on the market. You only need to inflate one chamber when you need to perform a self rescue. We added a second chamber for safety and dependability. Each chamber displaces 7 liters.
The NRS Bilge Pump is a heavy-duty pump, moving 30 liters a minute to dry your boat out in a hurry. Comes with its own foam float that saves it if lost overboard.
The Fox 40 Epik Whistle is a specific design for water environment. It’s loud, has a cushioned mouth grip and a breakaway lanyard.
The Deluxe Boat Sponge takes out the last bit of moisture, sand and silt that the Bilge Pump doesn’t reach. Comes in a specific fabric case with a hanging loop to protect and secure the sponge onboard.


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