The ILAGA, “family member” in Greenlandic, is one of the most recognized and appreciated Greenland kayaks on the market. The original design by Johan Wirsen, beautifully built by Rebel Kayaks is now available in Italy through Tuilik. The Ilaga is a low volume Greenland style kayak and features an integrated laminated folding backrest for layback rolls and storage between backrest and rear bulkhead. It also features steel rods to secure the kayak to a car roof rack or to put a towing line.
‘’This kayak started as a small project in my workshop, using the experience I gained earlier from building Greenland style kayaks. Nobody, including myself, had dreamed of the great response it would get. The Rebel Kayaks’ Ilaga is one of the most recognized kayaks on the market today!” [Johan Wirsen]


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