KAYAK INSHORE | One-week sea kayak introduction course

This one-week introduction course to sea kayaking is a partnership with the Centro Velico Caprera sailing school, located in the stunning waters and coastline of the Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park, Sardinia (Italy).

Experience needed

No previous kayaking experience needed. Some water confidence is necessary.
Being fit helps since we stay at sea for quite a few hours.

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We will stay within the sheltered waters of Porto Palma (Island of Caprera) for coaching sessions and paddle along the amazing coastline of the Archipelago for short expeditions.
We will focus on paddling forwards, backwards and sideways, how to keep stability, stop your kayak, perform 360° turns, perform self- rescues and assisted rescues, different towing techniques and other to keep the group safe during an inshore navigation.
Along with that we will deal with stowing criteria, kayaking gear maintenance, navigation & piloting basic techniques, general seamanship, knots and other.

Tuilik and Centro Velico Caprera share the same teaching, safety and environmental approach to sea outdoor activities.

Coaches are all FICK (Federazione Italiana Canoa Kayak)/Sottocosta certified Istruttore, Guida or Maestro.

NEW! Tuilik OFFERS the first year membership to both Sottocosta ASD and FICK to all first-time participants to any kayak course held at CVC that are also new members to Sottocosta and FICK.

Lots of advantages for members, such as kayak events organised by Sottocosta ASD.
FICK affiliation is necessary to award Pagaia Azzurra Certificates.

If you pass the Kayak Inshore course you may ask to be awarded with the SK2 Pagaia Azzurra FICK (Federazione Italiana Canoa Kayak) Certificate (cost: 20,00€).
This is a Sea Kayak level 2 EPP (Euro Paddle Pass) compliant certification.

No previous kayaking experience needed. Some water confidence is necessary.
Being fit help since we stay at sea for quite a few hours.

Personal items

  • Luggage: soft bags that can be packed (no hard suitcase);
  • Sleeping bag (fitted sheet and pillowcase are provided);
  • Personal care (shampoo, soap, towels, ecc.).

Paddling equipment

As kayakers we have to gear up according to water temperature:

  • drysuit (recommended) or neoprene long john;
  • paddling jacket or spray top;
  • thermal long sleeved base and mid layers;
  • 1 pair of wetsuit boots, old trainers or kayaking shoes or sandals (no flip-flops);
  • folding stainless steel or titanium multitool knife (also as table knife). No Opinel or kitchen knife;
  • sunglasses and sun protection clothing;
  • sunscreen;
  • microfiber towel (to bring at sea);
  • dry bags to stow clothing and food;
  • flask (1,0 l) for hot drink in poor weather.

We provide:

Full board accommodation at Centro Velico Caprera, Island of Caprera, Italy.
Comfortable thatched roof cottages with 6 bunks very close to the shore. A packed lunch will be provided if necessary.
All of us will contribute to meal preparation, cafeteria and bathrooms reorder and cleaning.
Meals and bathrooms are shared with sailing courses participants.

A small selection of both personal care and outdoor clothing is available at the local CVC shop.


15 days at sea are more than just the sum of two 1-week courses: build a stronger and lasting experience attending a Kayak Inshore and a Kayak Explore courses consecutively at a discounted rate.
You must successfully pass the Kayak Inshore course in order to continue with a Kayak Explore course.