The circumnavigation of Sardinia

This is a 30′ HD video with amazing clips from the beautiful Sardinian coastline. Large, small and hidden beaches, many miles of unspoiled rocky shoreline without landing spots and cristal clear water. Guido completd the circumnavigation between May and June 2013. An average of 28 NM per day for a total of 587 NM and 21 days at sea.

Sardinia is without doubt the most fascinating between the biggest islands in the Med. Furthermore you come to cross the stunning Archipelago of La Maddalena, the Bonifacio Straits (between Corsica and Sardinia), the uninhabited island of Asinara and the San Pietro and Sant’Antioco Islands just to quote few very different stretches of coast. Some awkward “turning points”, like Capo Carbonara, Punta dello Scorno, Punta Falcone and Capo Teulada are well known within the cruising and shipping community!