The Reed Avataq is an extremely strong Greenland style Floatation Aid. Can be used as a reliable paddle float, as a powerful and confidence building roll teaching tool. Comes with 9 grab loops for ease of use and is quick and easy to inflate/deflate. The Avataq immediately gives you the confidence in the water when starting to learn to roll. It is of an immense help when going through the positions before moving on to your paddle. The Avataq helps in securing your balance brace as well as building your body memory to make sure you are driving with your feet. legs, pelvis, torso, head and mind! If you can’t quite get the roll to happen, then using the Avataq to support yourself will help you detect the wrong move and quickly solve an old issue! Can be used more e more deflated to improve your skills when working the hand roll. Also turns out very useful when organizing kayak games at the local club…


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