In 6 days we will focus on:

  • personal skills, navigation and piloting, self and assisted rescues, tows, manoeuvering and landings among rocks and guiding in conditions up to force 5 Beaufort;
  • kayaking gear (personal, repair, signalling, group) to keep the group safe when paddling longer distances;
  • different protocols for leadership, sea safety, sea survival, incident management, VHF, lost person…;
  • difficult landing procedures, damaged kayaks, etc.;
  • navigation & piloting for kayaking.

Be able to paddle over a distance of 20 NM, to tow 2 rafted kayaks over a distance of 2 NM, to comfortably roll and perform self and assisted rescues in conditions and to have already guided in 10 different > 10 NM trips.

1 pair of wetsuit boots, old trainers or kayaking shoes;
folding or multitool knife for activity at sea and as a table knife;
2 thermal long sleeve lycra shirt;
paddling jacket;
suntan cream;
sealed box for packed lunch or snacks;
Some dried fruit snacks and some magnesium + potassium + vitamin C integrator bags for hot weather;
flask (1,5 l) for hot drink in poor weather.
3-4 dry bags (max 2,5 – 5 l) for spare clothing

Neoprene long john or drysuit.

Provided by Tuilik
1 fully equipped kayak (customized lifelines, fitted compass, spraydeck, paddle, bilge pump, sponge, 1 dry bag to keep your change dry).

6 days.

780,00 € – 6 day course

Everything is included.
Excluded are drinks, travelling to and from Sardinia and the Island of Caprera.